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Working towards the betterment of Gautala Santuary

Gautala Autramghat Wildlife Sanctuary

The beautiful forest of Guatala Autramghat was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1986 to protect its rich biodiversity and mesmerizing wildlife. Spread over an area of around 26,000 ha, the sanctuary lies on the eastern flanks of the Western Ghats between the Satmala and Ajantha hill ranges.It is represented by the Southern Tropical Dry Deciduous Forest in the valleys and grasslands on the plateau. The administration of the sanctuary is under the district headquarter in Aurangabad and a range in Chalisgaon block of Jalgaon district.


Climate Change

Over the years, the region also has seen significant climate change issues, water shortage, biodiversity loss, land-use change, and agriculture decline.

Effect of Tourism

Recently, the area has seen an upsurge in domestic tourism. This has overburdened the critical wildlife area with nuances of noise pollution, solid waste and single-use plastic. Tourism is expected to grow in the coming years that will exceed the area's carrying capacity.

Wild Friends

The wild animals have been reported to come out of the protected areas in search of water and food, leading to conflict with the local farmers and tribes.

In such a contented landscape, there is an urgent need for strategic planning, capacity development, alternate livelihood development and
engaging the locals.


  • To see nature flourish in the region, and people have a more profound appreciation of nature conservation


  • To reduce the external pressure on natural landscapes by catalysing active participation of local people and promoting sustainable development of the region
  • Create awareness about protection and conservation of biodiversity
  • Explore alternative livelihood opportunities for local people
  • Promote environment education in schools and colleges
  • Supporting line department for better protection
  • Address human-wildlife interactions
  • Generate a sense of ownership and responsibility among the local communities.

" Even if there were a sword in the hands of everyone, it is willpower that establishes a government."
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj / The Great Emperor