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What's happening in Gautala Foundation?

Plastic Removal Drive

Clean Up 20th November 2021

Have you ever been into a stunningly beautiful forest and felt disappointed by seeing the carelessly thrown pieces of single-use plastic? Single-use plastic destroys not only the beauty of the natural site but also affects the endangered wildlife and contaminates the land and water sources of the forest.

But is only complaining a solution? Of course not. Therefore, Gautala Foundation has decided to work towards changing the situation. The first joint event of the Department of Forest, and Gautala Foundation was a resonating success. We managed to collect 25 bags full of plastic. There were nearly 20 volunteers and 8 Forest Department staff. We have taken the first step towards achieving our mission, and looking at the commitment from volunteers as well as ground staff of the forest department, our resolution has only strengthen.

Vipul Sonware

Community Service

Community 5th September 2021

The September 5 2021 plastic disposal event was cancelled due to heavy rains, but Gautala Foundation’s team was determined to visit the sanctuary and see what can be done TODAY!

While taking stroll along the river, it was seen that concrete bridge had washed away due to heavy rain, which was a problem for pilgrims, especially old people, children and women who had come from a far distances to visit the temple. With the sense of community service in mind, and a sincere desire to do something for the society, our volunteer team immediately got to the task and within two hours fixed to bridge so that pilgrims can cross the river.

Vipul Sonware

Plastic Removal Drive from Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary

CleanUp 26th July 2021

Gautala Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to provide a platform for the development of the underprivileged in the country. In continuous efforts to get rid of plastic from the Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary, our volunteers removed over 19 bags full of plastic from the heritage sites.

Vishal Sonware

The Heaven that is Gautala!

CleanUp 20th June 2021

Gautala Wildlife Sanctuary is an invaluable gift of nature for the people of this region.

One or more of the benefits people get from forests are water supply to rivers, flood control, prevention of soil erosion, provision of medicinal plants. But the biggest benefit of all this comes from the forest and that is the upliftment of the human mind when you go to the forest! Forests are a source of inspiration. In Indian culture, there are countless examples of sadhus, saints and monks who have attained lasting peace by practicing sadhana in the jungle over the years and have shown the world the path of peace and conscience. The source of inspiration for all of them was the eternal forest.

If you have ever been to this sanctuary, you must have noticed that the natural beauty of this forest is definitely better than your concrete forest. This forest needs your help today so that future generations can get the same experience of beauty and the same benefits of nature. The locals are the first to bear the brunt of the effects of deforestation and the locals can play the most important role in its protection. So, will you also take a step forward for the conservation of this Gautala Sanctuary?

Parikshit Suryavanshi